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Gothic Mysteries Lenormand Reading Mat – 45×45 Cm


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Discover the charm and depth of your readings with our exclusive “Gothic Mysteries Lenormand” reading mat.


Specifically designed for the “Gothic Mysteries Lenormand” oracle deck, this mat is the ideal accessory for those looking to explore the past, present, and future through three-card readings.

With its dimensions of 45×45 cm, it offers the optimal space to lay out your cards clearly and meaningfully. Made from high-quality polyester, it not only ensures a smooth surface for easy handling of the cards but also protects your deck from wear and damage. The design, inspired by the gothic and mysterious elements of the “Gothic Mysteries Lenormand” deck, adds an additional layer of immersion and atmosphere to your divination sessions.

Perfect for enhancing your reading experience and bringing a touch of gothic elegance to every session.


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